M.A.M.A. Ranch began with the idea that family farming can be sustainable and trash free. As with any city slickers turned ranchers, we began with chickens and a large family garden and orchard. Our farm animal collection now includes Indian Runner ducks, brown Chinese geese, Bourbon Red turkeys, donkeys, and Jersey cows with calves.

We believe in feeding our animals non GMO and soy free feed and being proactive in maintaining their good health with judicious use of antibiotics and Western medications when more natural remedies are too slow acting for best care.

M.A.M.A. stands for Make America Milky Again. Follow our journey on Facebook or Instagram!

We offer:

  • chicken eggs
  • duck eggs (seasonal)
  • goose eggs (seasonal)
  • turkey eggs (seasonal)
  • cow’s milk soap
  • beef (as available)
  • cow manure compost
  • herdshares for raw cow’s milk
  • non GMO & soy free H&H feeds <– join our email list to be notified of our next order (currently once per month)

Come meet our animals! Ranch tours are $5 a person or free with purchase.